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Eighth International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information
& Engineering Systems
Main conference, 22,23 & 24 September 2004 Workshops and tutorials 20, 21 September 2004
Wellington Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Intelligent Feature Recognition & Classification on Astrophysical and medical Images Session Power point presentations

Session Chair


Session Power point presentations

1. V V Zharkova, Solar Feature Catalogues in EGSO. , Full Paper PDF, Full Paper PDF, Full Paper PDF
2. V V Zharkova, A recognition with an ANN of filaments in solar images, Full Paper PDF
3. Luis Alvarez, Extracting Stellar Population Parameters of Galaxies from Photometric Data Using Evolution Strategies and Locally Weighted Linear Regression, Full Paper PDF
4. Jorge de la Calleja , Automated Classification of Galaxy Images, Full Paper PDF
5. J.C. Gómez, Using Evolution Strategies to Find a Dynamical Model of the M81 Triplet, Full Paper PDF
6. Patrick McSharry, Detection of dynamical transitions in biomedical signals using nonlinear methods, Full Paper PDF
7. Nicolas Fuller , Automated detection of filaments on full disk H? images, Full Paper PDF
8. E. Salerno, Source separation techniques applied to astrophysical maps, Full Paper PDF
9. A. Herzog1, Adaptation of shape of dendritic spines by genetic algorithm , Full Paper PDF

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Session Co-Chair

Dr. David Rees

School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia

Tel: +61 2 9481 8008, Email :drees@maths.usyd.edu.au



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on Astrophysical and Medical Images
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