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Current Research Activities

Watermarking digital images: The work is concerned with developing new secure, robust and imperceptible watermarks which are compatible with the latest JPEG 2000 compression technology. Using a combination of parameterised discrete wavelet transforms, feature based segmentation and human visual response related watermark embedding, a new system has been developed with characteristics superior to published alternatives. Watermarks created by the systems cannot be removed without secret keys, are imperceptible and can still be detected after images have been subjected to lossy compression, and geometrical transformations including scaling, rotation and cropping.

Feature recognition in solar images: The work, which has just started, is part of a three year European funded multinational project to set up a European Grid of Solar Observations. This will allow users of the grid database to automatically extract those images which are relevant to their work from a wide range of existing databases all with different standards. The work at Bradford, in collaboration with the Meudon Observatory in Paris, is concerned with developing highly reliable and efficient techniques for the automatic identification and extraction of features in solar images.

3-D reconstruction of scenes using uncalibrated images: The work is concerned with developing new reliable techniques for generating 3-D models of general scenes. Starting from a pair of arbitrary images of a scene and with no other information, an initial set of correspondences is found from and a pseudo-stereo pair of images obtained. Viewing the pseudo-stereo pair as an anaglyph, the 3-D scene can be visualised in great detail. Using techniques developed within an earlier project, pseudo-stereo pairs optimised for different parts of the scene can be generated to enable the production of a dense disparity maps using correlation techniques. Different techniques are being developed to convert these disparity maps into 3-D maps according to the amount of calibration information that is available.

Recent publications

Journal thesis and book publications

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Conference publications

  • Suhail. M., Niazy I. and Ipson S. S. 'Multimedia Copyright Protection' Proceedings of 7th Annual IEEE Technical Exchange Meeting, KFUPM Dhahran Saudi Arabia, April 18 - 19 2000, pp. 215-220.
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