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Welcome to the European Grid of Solar Observations (EGSO)
Bradford University Research Group

Dr. Valentina Zharkova


BSc in Applied Maths Kiev State University, Ukraine, MSc in Applied Maths Kiev University, Ukraine, PhD in Astrophysics The MAO, Kiev, UKraine, Certificate Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotlan


  • Solar feature recognition from solar images obtained from various space and ground-based observations (SOHO, YOHKOH, HESSI, TRACE);
  • Flare-induced wave recognition from solar images;
  • Modern computer networks, computer grid technology;
  • Linux Network Administration;
  • Energy release and transport in solar flares.


Future plans

  • Recognition of coronal, Moreton and magnetic waves induced by solar flares - pattern recognition from images and theoretical interpretation
  • Acceleration and propagation of a neutralised beam in flaring atmospheres

Applications submitted and currently under consideration

  • .EPSRC - travel grant
    European travel funding to enable members of the Solar Imaging Research Group to gain
    EU Framework Programme 6 funding, total £13,200.00 (under consideration).

Current, and significant recent, funded projects

  • 1988-1994 2 Research grants on the CORONAS space project (scientific programme in X-ray observations) in collaboration with the Moscow Lebedev's Physics Institution.
  • 01/11/01 - Awarded the EPSRC fast track grant GR/R53449 " A neutralised beam kinetics in flaring atmospheres" from 01/03/02 for 3 years, funding £59,319.00 with one PhD studentship.
  • 01/03/02 - Awarded the European Commission Grant EGSO (The European Grid of Solar Observations), IST Framework 5, duration for 3 years, funding 354,670 euro
    European Grid of Solar Observations

Awards and Recognition:

Discovery: 'Helioseismic response to a solar flare (solar quake) observed with SOHO/MDI' - reported at the NASA Press-conference, 28/05/98, Boston, AGU Meeting; got a world-wide coverage by the media and newspapers.

Memberships: International Astronomical Union (1991), European Astronomical Society (1992), New York Academy of Science (1995),Royal Astronomical Society (1999)

International Scientific Activities:

Existing collaboration with SOHO/MDI team, HEPL, Stanford University, California, USA (Dr. A.G.Kosovichev, Prof. V.Petrosian) on the local helioseismological effects induced by solar flares

The collaboration with MSSL, UCL (UK), RAL (UK), Meudon Observatory (France), Turin Obsevatory (Italy), Goddard Space Flight Centre (USA), National Astronomical Observatory (NAO, USA) on the EGSO project including a grid technology for the unified catalogues, a pattern recognition techniques for solar feature detection from solar images, design of sub-catalogues classified by the recognised features. European Grid of Solar Observations



11. The IAU Colloquium N 142 " Particle Acceleration Phenomena in Astrophysical Plasmas", 1993, Maryland University, USA (poster)

12. The RAS National Astronomy Meeting, 1993, United Kingdom, Leicester (contributed paper)

13. Seventh European Meeting on Solar Physics "Advances in Solar Physics", Catania, Italy, May 1993 (two posters)

14. The Workshop "Flare 22", Ottawa, Canada, May 1993 (two contributed papers)

15. The Colloquium at the Gettingen Observatory (Germany), July 1994, (invited paper)

16. The COSPAR XXXth Plenary Meeting, Hamburg, Germany, July 1994 (two posters)

17. The third SOHO Workshop, Solar Dynamic Phenomena \& Solar Wind Consequences, 26-29/09 1994, Estes Park, Colorado, USA (one invited talk, one contributed paper)

18. The Royal Astronomical Society annual meeting "Particle acceleration - the interface of diagnostics and theory", 13/01/95, London, UK (contributed paper)

19 The IV SOHO Workshop in "Helioseismology", Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California, USA, 2-6 April 1995 (contributed poster).

20. The meeting "Radioemission from the Stars and the Sun", Barcelona, Spain,3-7 July 1995 (poster)

21. The IAU Symposium N 182 in "Helioseismology", Nice, France, 1-4 October 1996 (contributed poster).

22. XXIIIrd General Assembly of IAU, 1997, Kyoto, Japan: IAU Symposium N185 (1 invited talk), Joint Discussion N19 ( 1 poster)

23. Institute d'Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS), the MEDOC Campaigne of the observations with the SOHO payload, 27/10- 8/11/97, Paris University, Orsay, France (1 invited talk)

24. American Geophysical Union (AGU) Spring Meeting, Boston, USA, 26-28 May 1998 (invited oral talk on the discovery of helioseismic response to solar lares, also 1 poster ).

25. SOHO 6/ GONG Workshop, Boston, Boston Park Plaza Hotel, 1-4 June 1998 (invited poster)

26. Lockheed Martin Laboratory, Palo Alto, CA USA, 11 June 1998, Seminar on the helioseismic response to solar flares (invited talk)

27. SOHO 8 Workshop, Paris, France, 22-25 June 1999, Plasma Dynamics and Diagnostics (1 invited, 2 contributed papers).

28. HESSI Workshop, 18-21 October 1999, College Park, Washington DC, US (2 oral, 1 poster papers)

29. The XXIV General Assembly of IAU, July 2000, Manchester (1 poster paper)

30. SOHO 10/GONG 2000 Workshop, Tenerife, Spain, October 2000, (1 contributed paper).

31. National Astronomy Meeting (NAM), Cambridge, UK, April 2001, (1 contributed paper)

32. Euro-conference ‘Solar Cycle and Space Weather’, Vico Equense, Italy, Sept. 2001 (1 invited paper)

33. SOHO11 Workshop 'Half a Solar Cycle with SOHO', March 2002, Davos, Switzerland (2 contributed papers)

34. 10th European Solar Physics Meeting, 9 -14 September 2002, Prague, Czech Republic (1 Paper)

35. 11th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Brugge, Belgium, 23-25 2003 (1 Paper Oral)

36. The National Astronomy Meeting & UK Solar Physics Meeting, Dublin Castle, 7 - 11 April 2003 (1 Paper, 1 Poster)

37. The third International Workshop on Spectral Methods and Multirate Signal SMMSP 2003, 13-14/09/2003, Hotel Master, Barcelona, Spain. (1 Paper)

38. The 7th International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information & Engineering System, University of Oxford, UK, 4-5 September 2003 (1 Paper)

Research Staff:

1. Dr. A. Benkhalil - PRDA, EGSO project

2. Dr. S.I Zharkov - PRDA, EGSO project

Research Students:

1. M.Gordovskyy, MSc research project "Magnetic reconnection and particle acceleration in solar flares' at Physics Department, Kiev University, Ukraine

2. M.Gordovskyy, PhD project " A neutralised beam kinetics in flaring atmospheres', Cybernetics Department, Bradford University, UK



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