Module Title:   Facial Modelling/Animation

Module Credit:   20

Module Code:   EM-0253D

Academic Year:   2015/6

Teaching Period:   Semester 2

Module Occurrence:   A

Module Level:   FHEQ Level 5

Module Type:   Standard module

Provider:   Film & Media

Related Department/Subject Area:   School of Media, Design and Technology

Principal Co-ordinator:   Mr J Theaker

Additional Tutor(s):   Mr M Goodliff

Prerequisite(s):   EM-0139D     EM-0140D

Corequisite(s):   None

This module aims to develop your research skills, with regard to developing a character for facial expressions and or dialog, to develop your facial modelling skills for character expressions and or dialog, to prepare your for industry, by developing a `restricted` true to industry brief, and to develop an understanding of modelling, texturing, rigging and animation for facial animation, dialog and expressions.

Learning Teaching & Assessment Strategy:
Module delivered through a combination of practical labs, didactic presentations, group work, and directed reading. The reading will provide the theoretical background, the didactic presentations will model best practice and the lab sessions will reaffirm the practical skills.

As part of the critical evaluation and social development the student has to document the production process in the form of a Blog. This initiates personal development in the form of, personal critical evaluation skills, time management, personal / peer feedback and engagement, social peer assent. The blog`s fundamental purpose is to develop personal and group formative and summative assent in the evaluation of the production.

Supplementary Assessment is to repair deficiencies in original submission.

Lectures:   0.00          Directed Study:   176.00           
Seminars/Tutorials:   0.00          Other:   0.00           
Laboratory/Practical:   24.00          Formal Exams:   0.00          Total:   200.00

On successful completion of this module you will be able to...

work to a `restricted` brief that mirrors true industry practice; critically evaluate a piece of animation for the purpose of improving the conceptual and artistic development of an effective piece of character animation for dialogue.

On successful completion of this module you will be able to...

develop a fully functioning character with facial expressions and or dialog (using appropriate modelling, texturing); develop a practical and critical awareness of the production processes in the development of an effective dialogue animation; integrate complicated production pipelines in the completion of the project.

On successful completion of this module you will be able to...

deploy enhanced technical analysis and problem solving skills.

  Coursework   70%
  Short character animation practical project produced individually
  Dissertation or Project Report   30%
  Reflective and practical online submissions

Supplementary Assessment:
As Original

Outline Syllabus:
Introduction, character research, facial modelling, texturing, rigging and animation, rendering and compositing.

Version No:  3