Module Title:   Vehicle Engineering

Module Credit:   10

Module Code:   ENG2005M

Academic Year:   2015/6

Teaching Period:   Semester 2

Module Occurrence:   A

Module Level:   FHEQ Level 5

Module Type:   Standard module

Provider:   Engineering

Related Department/Subject Area:   Engineering: Materials and Medical (not in use)

Principal Co-ordinator:   Dr B Mason

Additional Tutor(s):   Mr JD Philby

Prerequisite(s):   None

Corequisite(s):   None

To develop knowledge and understanding of automotive design engineering and technology to understand the motor vehicle as a system,
To apply the theory associated with the design and operation of the component parts of the vehicle engine, drivetrain, suspension, and body systems.

Learning Teaching & Assessment Strategy:
The basic subject matter is introduced by lectures, using hardware examples and seminars from practitioners. Technical knowledge is consolidated by hands-on project work based on the construction of a motor vehicle. Supplementary assessment is to repair deficiency in original submission.

Lectures:   16.00          Directed Study:   62.50           
Seminars/Tutorials:   8.00          Other:   0.00           
Laboratory/Practical:   12.00          Formal Exams:   1.50          Total:   100.00

On successful completion of this module you will be able to...

1.1 Analyse the automotive industry and market.
1.2 Evaluate the design and operation of motor vehicle components and systems.
1.3 Apply physical principles and design calculation methods in vehicle component design.

On successful completion of this module you will be able to...

2.1 Undertake simple design calculations relating to component parts of a motor vehicle.
2.2 Use data in performance calculations.

On successful completion of this module you will be able to...

3.1 Better Manage, present and interpret data using improved IT skills.
3.2 Solve problems systematically.
3.3 Exhibit better communication, teamwork, leadership and personal management skills.

  Examination - closed book 1.50 50%
  Coursework   50%
  1000 word report on vehicle data logging and analysis

Outline Syllabus:
Vehicle powertrain: basic design and operating principles of the internal combustion engine.
Revision of basic cycles, Otto Cycle efficiency, effect of increasing compression ratio: Combustion in SI and CI engines, Octane and Cetane Numbers; Engine Performance, torque, power and fuel consumption.
Vehicle performance: transmission and gearing; top speed; gradeability performance; towing capacity; acceleration; traction forces vs. speed; power-limited gradeability.
Overview of current research and development issues in engines. what is being done to improve performance and to meet environmental concerns, and to speculate on the types of powerplant which may be introduced over the next 10 -20 years.
Tyres: brake force coefficient; sideways forces; slip angle; combined traction and cornering.
Brakes and braking systems: brake design; braking friction; weight transfer during braking, braking distribution; adhesion utilization; braking regulations

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