Module Title:   Global Business Environment

Module Credit:   10

Module Code:   MAN0205M

Academic Year:   2015/6

Teaching Period:   Semester 1

Module Occurrence:   A

Module Level:   FHEQ Level 6

Module Type:   Standard module

Provider:   Management

Related Department/Subject Area:   School of Management

Principal Co-ordinator:   Dr Chengang Wang

Additional Tutor(s):   -

Prerequisite(s):   None

Corequisite(s):   None

This course aims to provide an analysis of the World Economy and encourage an understanding of the relationship between International Business and other actors in the global economy. It is particularly constructed to provide participants with an active appreciation of the perspective of actors such as culture, national governments and international institutions.

Learning Teaching & Assessment Strategy:
Knowledge is disseminated in lectures with tutorial support, in the form of tutor-led one-to-one tutorials to discuss the progress of group work, clarify lecture-related queries and discuss informal presentations made by students. Oral feedback is provided in tutorial sessions to enhance group learning.

Lectures:   12.00          Directed Study:   82.00           
Seminars/Tutorials:   6.00          Other:   0.00           
Laboratory/Practical:   0.00          Formal Exams:   0.00          Total:   100.00

On successful completion of this module you will be able to...

have a derived knowledge base which consists of the basic mechanics of international political economy and the interaction of sub-actors with transnational companies;

On successful completion of this module you will be able to...

develop the ability to apply concepts and theories in evaluation of international business environments in the context of changing global economy.

On successful completion of this module you will be able to...

have skills in analysis and reasoning, teamwork and project reporting.

  Coursework   30%
  Group project up to 2,500 words
  Coursework   70%
  Individual assignment of up to 1,500 words
  Coursework   30%
  Supplementary: Individual reflective assignment of up to 1,000 words
  Coursework   70%
  Supplementary: Individual assignment of up to 1,500 words

Outline Syllabus:
Overview of international business environment. Ethics and social responsibility. Culture factors in international business. Theories of international trade. Political economy of international trade. Theories of foreign direct investment. Political economy of foreign direct investment. International monetary system. Globalisation. Regionalisation. Emerging economies.

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